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mini session pricing

You have questions about our pricing and services - we have answers!

*Please visit our other services page for headshot pricing information.



Can't decide which 3 portraits you like best?


That's okay! You can buy more!


$80/set of 3

Love a few more of your photos?


You don't have to leave them behind. We'll even lower the price per photo.



Our best value!

Buy the whole gallery for $100. That's less than $10 per photo!

additional image pricing

pricing & service faq

Q. Do you offer discounts on your mini sessions?

A. Yes! Our regular fee is $200 per mini session (including 3 digital images), but we offer a limited number of discounted tickets for only $150! These tickets are offered to our email subscribers first. They tend to go quickly and when they're gone, they're gone!

Q. What is included in my mini session fee?
A. A portrait session, your choice of 3 digital images, and an online gallery of 20+ images to pick from.

Q. When can I see the results of my mini session?

A. Within 2 weeks of your session, you will receive a link to an online gallery of your portrait session.

Q. How long do I have to choose my favourites?

A. Your gallery will remain active and accessible for ONE WEEK. Please choose your favourites within that time.

Q. What if I love more than three photos?
A. No problem! You can purchase additional images while your gallery is active. View the pricing options below.

Q. Do you retouch my photos at all?

A. Yes. We will adjust lighting and do slight touch-ups before the images are placed in your gallery. If you would like additional touch-ups we can provide this service at a rate of $10+ per image.

Q. What if I am looking to book at a lower price-point?

A. At times, we offer the flexibility of booking your portrait mini session with 1 digital image included, for $60. The pricing for additional photos with this package are adjusted to match the value of the standard pricing found below. 

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