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meet melissa pearson


What Melissa "is" depends on the day. Some days she is an English Language Learning teacher and other days she is a pro-bono immigration lawyer. But every day, she is the luckiest wife and mama bird who loves to try on many hats, travel to many places, and build many inclusive communities, especially with newcomers.

You can also find Melissa at:

playgrounds, libraries, & playgroups 

Made by Marcus

A headshot of Melissa Pearson, a female mother, wife, lawyer, teacher, and business owner of birdy photography co.,  with curly brown hair and blue eyes.  The photo was taken by Calgary-based professional photographer Shannon Hutchison in Calgary, Alberta. This photo took place during a family holiday event.
A natural light outdoor headshot photo of Calgary-based professional photographer Shannon Hutchison. She has light shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and is wearing a blue winter coat and a red Canon camera strap.  The photo was taken in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

meet shannon hutchison

principal photographer

Meet Shannon - a professional photographer, English Language Learning teacher, and community leader.  She has a passion for helping newcomers and inspiring people to move beyond biases to a place of love. If you can imagine the farthest corners of the Earth, or the wildest adventure, Shannon has likely been there, planned that, and befriended everyone along the way.

You can also find Shannon at:

behind the lens

Meet our team!

This is a photography of a mother and son. The mother has long, wavy, light coloured hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a pink top. The son is elementary school aged, has light coloured hair, brown eyes. The boy is smiling and has his hands on his face. He is wearing a jean shirt.

meet fallon squire

creative director

stay tuned for bio

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