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Why Does birdy photography co. Blog?

by Melissa Pearson

In my previous previous blog I announced that birdy photography co. is now on LinkedIn! You may be wondering why I blogged about this instead of directly posting it on LinkedIn? Partly (and ironically) because I wasn't able to figure out how to hyper-link all of the links I wanted to include in a LinkedIn post...

It was also because I understand the advantages of blogging include:

1) Driving traffic to your website:

  • My website is and it's cheerful, fun, and definitely worth a look.

2) Repurposing for social media content:

  • You can be sure that I will be sharing my blog content across birdy's LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook accounts!

3) Helping convert traffic into leads:

  • If you're reading this blog, you might email me at to let me know you are interested in attending one of our upcoming mini sessions, having us run a portrait mini session fundraiser for your cause, or booking our photo booth!

4) Driving long-term results:

  • This is going to help me "establish authority" as an industry leader in fundraising through portrait photography. (As a side note, this would not be the first time I became a leader in something by default, and it probably won't be the last!)

5) Helping with link-building:

  • By blogging about birdy photography co., more people will find us on search engines! I (sort of) understand that inbound links, or back links are an important factor in search engine optimization (SEO).

6) Helping share company news:

Do you or your business have a blog? If so, what do you find to be the greatest advantage of blogging?

Please don't be shy to share your comments - I'd love to hear them and I promise I'll respond! In fact, one of the best ways to help a small business grow is by reading, following, liking, and especially commenting on their social media posts. I will explain why comments on social media are so important to small businesses in an upcoming blog...

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