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There are many reasons you may need a professional portrait (aka headshot). We've got you covered.

  • 10 minutes
  • $150
  • Calgary

Service Description

Whether you're modelling, acting, influencing - or you just want a professional portrait for your LinkedIn profile, we will provide you with a great, professional first impression. Each professional portrait session includes a 10 minute session with a professional photographer, an online gallery of 10+ lightly edited images to pick from, and the individual’s choice of one fully edited digital image. The full editing process includes brightening the eyes, optimizing exposure and colour correction. Upon request, we also include adjusting minor blemishes, stray hair removal, and reducing shine on the face. Advanced editing (teeth whitening, skin smoothing, adding or removing large portions of hair, slimming, significant creases or wrinkles in clothes) is available upon request for an additional fee starting at $20+. Following their session, an individual may also choose to invest in the following: - Additional fully edited professional portrait digital images - $75/each - Entire gallery of lightly edited digital images - $150/gallery Contact us for booking.

Contact Details

  • Calgary, AB, Canada

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